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Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm going camping again! Yay!!

Yesterday I spent all day taking some new pictures and scouting out a new place to camp. I'm super-excited to spend another weekend fishing and ruminating on life!!

                                                     Here is the site I picked: I can't wait!!

I also have another picture I want to post today:
                                                                     Isn't it beautiful?

          Dinah walked ahead, angry at her brother. What did he mean 'women couldn't be in the army?' She was a better warrior than half the men in her family! She continued to fume as she walked along, totally oblivious to her surroundings.
          She came around a bend on the path, and suddenly someone jumped out and grabbed her. He shoved something down on her head and quickly tied her hands. He spoke in a foreign language to someone else as he worked. When he was done, he shoved her lightly into some kind of wooden cart. It was freshly made because she could still smell the freshness of the wood. Where were they taking her? Why had they taken her?
          Fear overcame her as she furiously worked at the ropes, trying to untie them. It was no use. Whoever it was knew how to tie a good knot!
          After she'd given-up trying to break free her mind settled back on the argument she'd had with her brother not an hour ago. He was right! She couldn't even defend herself against one man, let alone a whole army! "Oh Jeremiah, you were right." She whispered out loud.
          The two men over by the fire gave each other a look. They'd both heard her words and smiled. They continued with their preparations, anxious to be done before dark.
          The men came over and pulled her gingerly out of the cart and she found that odd. Why were they being so careful with her? If they were going to kill her or sell her, why would they even bother? Hope spread through her as  they plopped her down somewhere close to a roaring fire. The warmth on her face was calming and she began to pray, "Dear Father, please get me out of this predicament. I've learned my lesson."
          Once again the two men looked at each other. One of them nodded at the other.
          "Should we let her go Jeremiah?" The unfamiliar male voice said.
          She heard a smirk and then, "I think she's learned her lesson." He walked over and pulled the potato sack from her head.

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