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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

She waits ~ Chapter Five

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~ Chapter Five ~

Nina watched as the plane descended from the cloudy sky. Waves of excitement rolled through her belly. She hadn’t realized how much she missed her mom. Stepping away from the glass, she pulled her cellphone out and punched in her mom’s name. No answer yet. She shuffled back to the row of fake leather seats and plopped down, one hand rubbing her lower back. Boy, did it ever ache.

Her mind wandered to yesterday and Max. A sharp pang of disconcertment joined her roiling belly, causing a sudden bout of nausea. The look Max had given her was one she’d never received from anyone. She didn’t like it. She shrugged one still-slender shoulder and whispered under her breath, “Oh, well. Can’t change it now.”

Passengers started appearing through the hallway at her mom’s arrival door and she stood up once more, raising on tiptoe, anxious for that first glance of her mother. She hadn’t seen her in almost a year. The longest she’d ever been away.

When she spied the brilliant red head, tears of joy sprang to her eyes. Her mother was looking at her, doing the same. They both rushed forward, meeting somewhere in the middle.

Her mother wrapped long, slender arms around her and laid her head against Nina’s shoulder.

Nina couldn’t help but breathe in the fruity smell of her mother’s perfume and the aromatic scent of matching shampoo. “I missed you so much, Mom,” She cried.

“I missed you too, Sweetie. I’ve wanted to call so many times, but your dad said it was best to leave you alone.”

At the mention of her dad, Nina stepped away and looked behind her mom. “Where is he?”

Janet Moore frowned, cleared her throat. “He didn’t come, Honey.”

Nina’s happy mood diminished. “What do you mean?”

“He— doesn’t accept it yet, Nina girl.”

“He doesn’t?”

Her mother’s bright hair jiggled as she shook her head, her lips curving into a frown.

Nina dropped her head. “I know it’s a shock, but I was hoping he would. I miss im so much.”

Her mom pulled her back into her embrace. “I know, Honey. Give him some time.”

Raising her chin, she took the handle of her mom’s carry-on and pulled it from her grasp. “I guess I’ll have to. Come on, let’s get out of here and get some lunch.”

Her mom chuckled. “That’s the spirit.”

Nina returned the laughter. “Yeah. Believe it or not, I am growing up.”

“I believe you, Nina, but I want details on your present predicament,” He mom demanded in the tone she used when she was determined to get her way.

“I’m going to tell you everything mom, but you have to realize it’s awkward to do so. Give me time to ease into it.”

“That’s fine,” Her mom replied as she held her hand up to summon a taxi driver leaning lazily on his yellow car.

“Where do you want to eat?” Nina popped the handle back into the bag and pushed it across the seat to set in between them.

“It doesn’t really matter as long as it’s cool and they don’t rush you out the minute you take your last bite,” Her mom chuckled.

“I know just the place.”

A few minutes later the taxi pulled up in front of Williams’ Mom and Pop. Nina was secretly hoping Max might be here…


Max was standing behind the counter placing glasses on the shelf when she walked in. There was an older woman with red hair at her side.

His heart tattooed against his chest so hard he thought it might burst out of its bounds. It must be her mother. Other than the hair, they looked about the same. Her mom had about twenty years or so on her, but didn’t look a day over thirty. That’s what Nina will look like in a few years… A smile spread across his face and he tamped down the urge to strike out verbally at his woman. He grunted.  His woman? If she was his woman she wouldn’t have hidden her pregnancy from him. After all, it was his child, too.

“Nina.” He grinned. Liking how warm the name sounded slipping off his tongue.

The smile she returned slammed into his already pounding chest. She was beautiful… He gulped, trying to catch his breath and missed what she said.

“Huh? His face grew warm and humiliation spread through him. He must sound like a first class idiot. So much for impressing her mother…

Her tinkling laughter danced upon his nerve endings and he imagined what his silly smile must look like to someone seeing him for the first time.

“I said this is my mom, Janet Moore.”

Janet stuck out her hand and he took it.

“You’re almost as beautiful as your daughter, Mrs. Moore.”

Her laugh was so similar to Nina’s he glanced her way to make sure it wasn’t her.

“Well aren’t you a delight?” She shook his hand and dropped it, letting hers fall to her side.

“This is my fiancĂ© Max Williams, Mom.”

Max gulped. What!!?

The sent him a look full of warning.

He gulped again and stood up straight, smiling like a fool.

So many emotions crossed Janet Moore’s face he didn’t have time to recognize them all. Her mouth opened and shut like a fish out of water.

“Oh really?” Her tone was scary as she pinned him with narrowed green orbs.

Nina gave him another thousand watt smile and nodded. “Oh yes.”

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

She Waits Chapter Four

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~ Chapter Four ~
Nina paced back and forth across the kitchen. He would be knocking on her door soon. What should she do? She couldn’t answer it. If she did, he would know. He would see her this way. “Ugh!”
Indecision filled her and she sank to the high-backed wooden chair. “Dear Lord, what should I do? I’m so afraid.”
Of course there was no answer forthcoming. That’s not how God works.
The sound of the doorbell had Nina’s heart boomeranging to her feet and into her throat. “He’s here.”
She was frozen to the spot. The doorbell rang three more times. He would leave now…
The knob rattled.
Had she locked it? No!
Footsteps crossed the living room. “Nina?”
Desperate eyes searched out the kitchen for a place to hide. There was no escaping.
Max stopped short when he entered the kitchen. He smiled and rushed to stand in front of her. And then his smile began to diminish as his eyes traveled from her face down to her stomach. “Nina? What in the world—why didn’t you tell me?” His voice rose at the last.
She cringed. Would he get violent? Hurt her? As soon as the thought formed, she discarded it. No, he wasn’t the abusive type. “You…you didn’t call,” She whispered.
“You told me not to,” He boomed. “How could you keep this from me? Am I the father?”
Nina shrank back. Knowing he wasn’t the violent type didn’t keep his voice from disturbing her peace of mind. His words sank in and her back snapped up, ram-rod straight. She spat, “Of course.”
He eyed her speculatively and then glanced away, his eyes circling around the bright yellow kitchen. The one he’d helped paint.
Nina followed his lead, examining white lacy curtains with huge balls of sun and dark brown chickens as if seeing them for the first time. The oak spice rack and matching mail holder registered in her mind but didn’t hold her attention. Her eyes fell on him. Tall, stocky build dark hair and hazel eyes. An ache so deep she could scarcely breathe rose within in her. Was it love? If so, she wasn’t sure she wanted to feel it.
His eyes returned to her burgeoning figure as she slumped in the chair trying to disguise it. But it was no use. She was huge, easily twice her normal size. Or at least it felt like it.
His stare was penetrating. Was he really that angry? Hadn’t she been doing him a favor by not telling him?
Finally, he spoke. “You had no right.” Shaking his head, he began walking backward, toward the living room.
Confusion swirled in her already over-loaded brain. “No right?”
He nodded.
“No right for what? You’re not making sense.” She sat up, her growing belly protruding from beneath her shirt.
His stopped and his eyes gestured toward her mid-section. “To hide it from me.”
Her mouth fell open in amazement. “You didn’t call me, Max. It’s been six months. Why would I tell you?”
Bitterness spewed out in his words. “You just found out then?”
A snort escaped her lips. “No—but…”
His hand came up and she just then noticed he clutched onto a bundle of bright red roses as he threw them at the counter. “I never would’ve guessed you to be that way, Nina.”
The disillusionment and disappointment in his tone cut her to the quick faster than pretty much anything else could’ve. She watched as he turned and stomped back through the living room. Huge tears of grief slid silently down her cheeks as the front screen door slammed.
She sat that way for an indeterminate time, tears continuously falling from her eyes in silent pools of sorrow. A feeling so all-consuming she couldn’t take it rose within her. She was all alone. No one cared. No one was here for her. Life was over…
Finally, she straightened up and brushed the tears from her eyes. “No, I will not feel sorry for myself.”
She got up from the chair and shuffled through the living room and up the stairs. Flopping onto the bed, she grabbed the well-used Teddy Bear and hugged it to her as she settled onto her side. “I have God. I am never alone.” The words comforted her and she grabbed the cellphone on the bedside. Scrolling through the contacts list, she stopped and hit a button.
It rang four times, and she was already pulling it away from her ear when a voice said, “Hello?”
Renewed tears trailed down an already soaked face. “Mom?”
“Nina! I’m so glad you called. I wanted to call you but your father said no, wait until…”
“Mom, I’m pregnant.”
The silence that fell between mother and daughter was unbearable. Nina was again pulling the phone from her ear when her mother’s voice came across the line. “How far along?
“Six months.”
A shocked, “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I was afraid.”
More silence, and then, “Nina, you know better than to ever be afraid of me. I’m coming up there. I’ll go pack and get a flight.”
“Okay. Thanks Mom.”
“I love you, Nina.”
“I love you too, Mom.” Nina ended the call, hugged the bear tighter to her chest and fell into exhausted sleep.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I know it's been a while, but here is Chapter Three of She waits. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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I'm posting this today, Wednesday June 3rd, but next week it will go back to the regular Tuesday posting. Sorry for being off the web for a while but I moved and they couldn't get my internet hooked up for almost a month.




~ Chapter Three ~

Nina turned over and punched the pillow, irritation swelling within. What had awakened her this time? Last time it was the ticking of the clock. She used to be able to sleep through almost anything, but now, every little noise woke her up.

The buzzing of her silenced cellphone registered in her mind. Oh no, what if it’s Mom again?

Sitting up, she scrunched her shoulders in indecision. She wanted, no needed, to talk to her mom, confide in her. Straightening her shoulders, she sighed and stood up. She couldn’t. She wasn’t ready. Would she ever be?

On the off chance it was her friend Emily, she turned the phone over and squinted at the screen. Suddenly slippery fingers dropped the phone onto the table with a thwack. It was max!

Trembling erupted from deep within and she was powerless to stop it. What did he want? Why was he calling? Now, after all this time.

Taking a deep breath to calm her breathing, she punched the green telephone on the screen to answer the call.



His voice traveled from her toes up her spine and into her brain, the liquid honey making her knees go weak. “Yes?”

A deep sigh. “Are you okay? You sound kind of funny.”

Anger replaced the ecstatic trembling inside her. Who did he think he was anyway? Was he an idiot? He hadn’t called in six months. But you pretty much told him not to, silly.

Nina grumbled at her own thoughts. “I—I’m fine. I just didn’t expect a call from you, that’s all.” The defensiveness in her tone caused waves of self-loathing to roll over already sensitive nerve-endings.

“I want to come see you, Nina.”

Her mouth dropped open and she was sure a feather would’ve knocked her over. Then glee zinged through her. Yes! He was coming to see her. What would she wear? No. Wait. Just as quick as joy came over her, reality set in. She couldn’t see him. He would know immediately.

Injecting as much coldness as she could muster, she muttered, “I don’t want to see you.” She punched the red telephone and dropped the device back to the table. It started buzzing.

“He’s not giving up.” She dropped onto the couch behind her.

Tears slid down her cheeks. Then huge snorting sobs took over. Why now? Life was not fair.

Despondent and not sure what to do, she slid to her knees in front of the coffee table. “Dear Lord, lead me and guide me.”

She stayed on her knees for a long time, silent. Her mind emptied and she waited.

The calm she knew was coming washed over her once more. Grateful for God, she stood to her feet and headed back upstairs. So much emotion, and she was drained.

She fell asleep, not waking until the early hours of Monday morning.

Soft light filtered through the drapes at her bedroom window. She turned from her side and rested on her back. The baby moved within her, letting her know she’d skipped supper last night. Guilt settled over her. She couldn’t continue to miss meals. It wasn’t the baby’s fault she was indecisive and immature.

Scooting to the side of the bed, she pushed tired legs over the edge and searched the floor for house shoes with her toes. Slipping into them, she stood up and stretched long, slender arms over her head, groaning with pleasure. Then she remembered and jerked them back to her sides. She wasn’t supposed to raise her arms that high anymore.

She patted her bulging belly. “Sorry, little one.”

As if in answer, the baby flopped over, its body rolling from one side of her belly to the other. She giggled at the twilight zone-esque site. “I certainly hope you’re not an alien,” She said as she rushed down the steps in search of her phone.

Excitement washed through her anew. Had he left a message? The thought caused her heart to turn over and palpitate against her ribs. “I hope he did.”

She grabbed the phone and pulled it up toward her face, only then remembering her glasses were somewhere either on the couch or the floor where they’d landed when she slid helplessly to her knees last night.

Repeating the action, she searched for the elusive and often misplaced item. She laughed when she spotted them. “Aha, I’ve found you, my pretties.”

Her hands shook with half-excitement, half-dread. If he left a message, what had he said?

The little voicemail icon showed at the top of her screen. She smiled so big she felt the corners of her lips cracking. She punched it and put the phone to her ear.
“Hey Nina.” Silence. Clearing of his throat. “Look. I know I should’ve called you before now. To be honest, I don’t know why I haven’t. I know you were upset after…well, after you know what.”

More silence. Compassion filled her at the sound of uneasiness and embarrassment in his tone. He was trying so hard, she could tell.

“But I miss you. I want to see you. I can understand why you’re mad, but it’s not going to stop me. Once I’ve made up my mind to do something, I’m going to do it. I have class in the morning, but I don’t have to work until six-thirty, so I’ll be stopping over. Please answer the door. I think we can work this out, but we have to talk to do so.” More silence. She heard him catch his breath, and then he whispered, “Bye.”