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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas 2014!!

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   I took a lot of pictures this year, but these are a few of my favorites!! I hope you enjoy them!! Drop a comment and let me know which is your favorite!




I can't believe how fast this year slid by. You know what they say...the older you get the faster it goes. I guess it's true.
    I have no great words of wisdom to impart this year, except: Not only is Jesus the reason for the season...He is the reason for everything. To Him, through Him, for Him, etc. The world has taken this day, Christmas, and turned it into a huge materialistic crusade to keep our eyes away from the truth. Jesus is the truth. If you want answers to your questions, or have problems, or praises, or anything at all, turn to Jesus. He IS the answer. There is so much heartache and uncertainty in the world today, and the answer, the solution, is always right there beside us.
    I've met some incredible people this year. I've talked to them about the things of God. And then I'm disappointed. They have this preconceived idea of who Jesus is and what He wants and requires, and it's totally wrong. To have a relationship with the Lord, you have to know who He is. If you don't even have that right, nothing good can follow. It breaks my heart that people walk around with a total lack of respect and regard for our Lord. They have no clue who it is they say they worship.
    My goal for next year is: Witness the truth in love. Now, that doesn't mean concede defeat or step away. It doesn't mean agreeing with someone who is wrong. It means disagreeing respectfully with them, and then telling them the truth. How can we say we love someone, and then lie to them? The worst lie anyone can tell is that Jesus is not who He says He is. These people have to know the truth. If that means being outcast, so be it. I can deal with that. Been there, done that, have several It is our responsibility as Christians to get the real gospel out there and stop letting these charlatans hijack our beliefs. I, for one, am not surprised of the hatred and disregard the general population has for Christianity because they have no idea what it even is. We have been lax and let them believe a lie. So, on to the truth for 2015!!
    Have a Merry CHRISTmas!! From my house to yours.        ~ Misty ~