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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 6

    Jones grabbed Gracie's hand to save her as her legs flailed in the air. The small-engine plane slowed to assist in the rescue of the distraught woman.
    "Gracie, swing your legs up, girl!" Jones ordered in a frantic voice.
    "I'm trying!" Came desperately from the colorless lips of the woman hanging from the plane's door.
    "How did you manage to fall out the door?" The grumpy pilot asked through his headset.
    "I was trying to force her to jump with me!" Jones answered for her in a guilty voice.
    "I'm going to get as close to the ground as I possibly can. She may have to jump to save her life." The pilot replied in a bored tone.
    Jones couldn't help thinking that the pilot was rude and condescending. Yes, he'd pushed Gracie into this position but shouldn't the pilot be more sympathetic to their plight?
    "Jones, I'm slipping!" Gracie suddenly screamed in terror.
    "Hold on Gracie, he's taking us closer to the ground! You may have to jump, just remember to pull the cord!" Jones informed her as he desperately grabbed the now frozen fingers of his bride.
    The plane began to jerk and Jones felt his stomach fall to his knees. With a sigh of regret he knew what had to be done. He breathed in deeply and then shoved Gracie out the door of the plane. With her hand latched on to his in frozen rigor, he was jerked out the door along with her.
    "No...!!!!!!!" Gracie screamed as the newly married couple careened toward the earth below...