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Monday, August 20, 2012

How is it that summer is over already? Time gets shorter the older you get. :(

     Janine hid under the desk, fear causing her heart to thump in her chest. The purposeful steps of the assailant walked by and she gasped silently in terror. Her friend Amelia lay on the floor beside the desk, her sightless eyes open and her mouth forever formed into the last scream she'd ever utter. Her lifeless, bloody body was a testament to the atrocities that were taking place in her tenth grade homeroom class as she cowered under the desk and prayed to God to spare her.
    Edgar Wills strode purposefully up and down the aisles, choosing who to shoot on a scale that no one else knew. Amelia had foolishly screamed at him and tried to stop him with out-stretched arms and he'd shot her down like a rabid dog. Now Janine trembled under the desk, desperately trying to make her five foot ten inch frame disappear from his searching gaze.
    "Why are you doing this Edgar?" A pleading female voice asked from the back of the room.
    His gaze immediately snapped to the dark space under the back table, searching for the voice that dared to question him. He raised his rifle, carefully aimed, and said, "Because I can." He pulled the trigger, Janine heard a whizzing noise rush above her desk and then a loud shriek of horror and pain.
    "You shot me!" The girl screamed her last words.
    "Yes I did." He laughed raucously as he stopped short of Janine's desk and fell to one knee. He raised his gun again, looked her right in the eye, and pulled the trigger back with cold determination.
    "Bye, bye little one." His smile made her blood run cold and she began to pray to God.
    Suddenly the solid wood door slammed open, thudding against the concrete wall in a crash of fury. Men in SWAT uniforms ran into the room, spreading out to surround him. "Put your hands in the air!" The leader yelled authoritatively.
    "You won't take me alive you lily-livered no-good pig!" Edgar screamed in fury as he turned his gun on the man.
    Janine breathed a sigh of relief as she scrambled out from under her desk, picked-up the huge biology book lying on top and came up behind the gunmen. She raised it in her trembling arms and swung at the back of his sweat-soaked head with every ounce of strength left in her. He fell to the floor, unmoving...