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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Missed a day or two...

Things have been hectic around here this past week. The kiddies made it to school and managed to come home un-maimed so all is well so far. :)

    Angelina dragged herself up on the shoreline, quickly looking from side-to-side. She didn't see anyone and she let out a huge sigh of relief. "Meeko, all's clear!" She whispered.
    "Okey-dokey, sis! Let's go people!" Meeko stood-up and yelled loudly while gesturing for those in the water behind him to follow him out.
    The crashing sound of the waves behind them was momentarily drowned-out by the sound of almost a hundred teenagers stomping out of the ocean.
    After everyone had exited the water a huge spotlight popped on, almost as if on cue, catching all those faces in its blinding beam.
    "Oh no!" A teen girl screamed worriedly.
    "Run!" Another one said.
    "Shark!!" Screamed Angelina as she urged the frightened kids up onto the well-lit beach.
    "Hold it right there!" A man standing on the back of a pick-up yelled loudly through a megaphone.
    "Form a line and let's see some ID." The man demanded.
    "You're not serious! We don't have our wallets, we just came out of the water!" Meeko answered for all of them as he stared at the man belligerently.
    "Where did you come from? That's the real question." The surly man retorted.
    Meeko grinned widely, turned, and pointed to the mansion a half mile down the beach. "We came from there! We're filming a movie!"
    The man's face lost all color and expression. "You're kidding me!"
    "Would I kid the cops?" Meeko said with an impish grin.
    The man turned toward the front of the truck and pounded on the top. "Head on out, Charlie, false alarm!"
    The truck slowly moved on down the beach, leaving the teens in darkness.
    "Are they gone?" Angelina asked.
    "They are, move people!" Meeko ordered.
    The group of teens moved quickly toward the mansion up ahead. As they reached the lit patio at the back of the house someone produced a portable CD player and everyone began to dance in sync with the beat. "Oh yeah!" Meeko screamed as the famous producer came out onto the back deck. The music was silenced at his appearance.
    "What's going on?" The heavy-set man asked in confusion.
    "This is our audition!" Angelina screamed before flipping the music back on.