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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Chapter Thirty-Seven Broken Dreams

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~ Chapter Thirty-Seven ~
Rage consumed him. This was unacceptable. She was his, and he would have her. If they both died in the process, oh well.
He stepped on the gas, delight filling his mind when he caught sight of the police car carrying her.
“Escape me, will you?” He bellowed into the emptiness of the stolen car. “I think not.”
He hit the gas hard, entering the intersection, intending to ram the back of the police cruiser.
A car from the left skidded into the intersection at the same time, grinding the brakes. Metal on metal echoed all around him, but he couldn’t get out of the way fast enough to elude the out-of-control car. It careened into him, spinning his car like a top. He yelled.
“No, I don’t want to go out like this. I have to get her first.”
Everything was happening so fast he could hardly concentrate, but he pulled his foot from the brake and hit the gas. His car lurched. He spun the wheel the opposite direction and worked it until he was again facing the road ahead.
“Aha. That’ll teach ya, ya bum.” He shouted. Pushing the gas a little harder he gave chase to the police car fast losing him.
A growing sense of dread crept into Arianna’s mind causing her to stiffen like a statue.
Justin noticed.
“Are you okay?” He pushed a strand of reddish-gold hair behind her ear and kissed her cheek.
She nodded, the movement taking every ounce of concentration she could muster to complete.
Concern filled his eyes.
Her heart melted a little then pulled back. Uneasiness worked to consume her very being.
‘The Monster’ was close. She could feel the evil.
Goose bumps broke out all over her skin. Shadowy black spots threatened her eyesight as terror consumed her. She tried to croak out Justin’s name, but only got out, “Ju— please” before a loud bang and the wheel of their car spun out of the officer’s hands.
“What the— what’s…”
The policeman’s head bounced back hard and then into the wheel. Blood spurted from a wound on his head, but he was out for the count.
Justin released his belt and pulled frantically at the cage separating them and the officer, but it was no use. They were trapped.
“Dear Lord, what should we do?” She screamed as the car flew across several lanes, hitting everything in its path.
As the police cruiser came to a stop, the three passengers inside lay unconscious and bleeding.
Adam ran up to the car and pulled the door open. Sirens screamed in the distance. He needed to hurry.
Arianna lay crumpled under the man, looking like a broken rag doll.
With amazing gentleness, he extracted her from the fray and settled her into his arms.
Head sliding this way and that, making sure no police were close enough to see him, he ran into the night.
Justin woke-up to a bright fluorescent light shining in his eyes.
Justin moaned, tried to straighten his legs. Pain ripped through him and a scream ripped out.
The young man standing at his side backed away.
“Are you okay, sir?”
Justin clenched his teeth in pain. “My leg. I think its broke.”
“Well hold still. We called 911.”
Justin shook his head. Where is Arianna?
He tried to open his eyes wide, but dizziness washed through him. His body began to spin. “Arianna?”
“Sir, was there a woman in here?” The cop asked.
His voice sounded far away, as if in a tunnel.
“Yes, my wife, Arianna.”
“Sir, are you okay? There’s no woman here.”
Justin’s heart thumped hard against his ribs, winning out over the pain in his leg. “Where is she?”
Justin managed to get his eyes open to small slits. The cop was shaking his head.
“I assure you I don’t know.”
An ambulance screamed onto the scene and Justin was left to lament the whereabouts of his wife. Again.