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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It's that time again!!

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                                               Fall is beautiful this year!!


~ Chapter Thirty-One ~
Harry pulled his wrists until the handcuffs chaffed his skin. “Two.”
Wanda’s eyebrows rose, posing the perfect picture of suspicious anger. “Really, Harry?”
He nodded then mumbled, “Yes.”
So you’re telling me you only hear one other person in your mind?”
He shrugged as best he could under the circumstances. “Yes, ma’am.”
She stared at him, her angry green eyes almost scary in their intensity. “Okay then.”
His mind spun. Was that it? How could it be? “Okay…what?”
She slumped in her chair. “You’ve put me in a rather awkward position, Harry.”
He didn’t understand. “How is that?”
“I bargained with my supervisor just to get this visit. I assured her I would bring out all the different personalities in your mind. You know, so everyone else would believe they exist.”
Quick anger filled him. Who did this crazy think she was? “Why would you do something like that? I’m not your puppet, lady.”
It was her turn to shrug. One black velvet-clad shoulder bounced up then down. “Your condition is fascinating, Harry. Although there is extensive study on it, a lot of people believe it’s a bunch of bunk.”
Harry chuckled. “Maybe it is.”
“Don’t play with me, Harry. You don’t know who you’re dealing with.”
Her words were hard and flat, and a shiver raced down his spine. Who exactly was she? Did she mean him harm? The thought sped his heartbeat double-time. “What's your deal?”
“I told you Harry, but let me explain further so you might understand. I need to see you interact with the voices in your head. I need to get it on video so I can show proof to others.”
Harry screeched and pulled harder on his bonds. “How do you know I have voices? Don’t you think you might be imagining things, or even wishful thinking?”
Wanda stared at him long and hard. “I don’t think so. The account of your cell-mate is pretty consistent with schizophrenia, my friend.”
Harry’s mind spun. Should he tell her anything? If so, what? “I’m not your guinea pig, lady. And besides, why me?”
Her tone turned wheedling. “I know you aren’t Harry, but the truth is you’re the perfect subject to study.”
She smiled at him and his throat grew tight. He had a feeling whatever it was she was about to say was going to be something he wouldn’t like.
Hating his own curiosity, he asked, “Why? What’s so special about me?”
“Opportunity, my dear friend, opportunity.”
Harry’s heart tattooed against his ribcage. For some unknown reason, he was disappointed. The thought someone was interested in him had been flattering, but it had all been a lie.
“See Harry? If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times; Trust no one. Expect nothing, and you’ll never be disappointed.”
“Shut-up, Adam. She’ll hear you.”
Wanda gasped.
Harry struggled to twist his head in her direction. His eyes met hers, and he frowned.
Hers were full of disbelief, and... triumph.
“It doesn’t mean anything, so get that look off your face. I’d hate to have to cut it off.”
The doctor gasped once more. “Oh, you aren’t the nice one, are you?”
“No, I’m not. Harry is a sniveling idiot. I’ve tried to toughen him up over the years but I don’t think he has it in him.”
“I agree, even though I believe the diagnosis was incorrect. Now, are you going to talk to me…?” She hesitated then said, “Adam?”
Adam pulled at his arms the same as Harry had. He wanted to rub his chin in thought, but couldn’t. Frustration tore through him. “It all depends.”
“On what?”
“What you’re going to do for me.”
“What is it you want?”
“I want my freedom. I want out of this bed. Out of this room, and out of this hospital.”
“Now, you know I can’t do that, Adam. It’s against the law. Besides, I think we both know you’d kill me if you could.”
Adam chuckled. “Now do I seem the violent type to you?”
Wanda answered with a nod.
“Come here.”
“I want to ask you something.”
“I can hear you.”
“Come hear me closer.”
Adam couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw her moving toward him. Any second now…