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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not as bad as it could've been...

The hurricane hit and although there is flooding it isn't nearly as bad as it could've been. Let's all keep praying that it continues that way. :)

    I am going to re-post the first page from my book, please give me some feedback.


The screams of her baby awakened Stacy from a dead sleep. She was in the next room before she could form the thought to do so. She reached down and snatched up the now silent child and hugged her to her chest. She was quiet now, much too quiet.
The feeling of fear that spread through Stacy's body was one that only a mother could experience. She was desperately trying to shake the heaviness of sleep from her brain even as dread filled her. By the time she looked into her beloved child's face she was already turning blue! She wasn't breathing!
Panic set in and caused Stacy's heart to beat upon her ribcage like a thousand wild horses galloping across the ground. Feet that felt wooden and glued to the floor were already running out the door and down the steps of her house. "Somebody please help me!" She screamed in such torment that anyone listening would've felt chills run down their spine. "My baby isn't breathing, help me!" She repeated in agony as those same wooden feet ran down the middle of the street in front of her little cottage home. Her long brown hair flew out behind her in a sleep-tangled mess as the air around her moved through it. Her hazel eyes flashed with so many emotions; fear, dread, determination. She glanced down at the little bundle in her arms with love and worry.
Finally, headlights shone on the crop of curly blond hair atop the little baby head as a silver Mustang screeched to a dead stop right in front of the panicking mother. She ran around to the passenger side of the car and hopped in the front seat. She turned her head toward the driver, a bewildered old man wearing hearing aids and ordered, "Take me to the hospital now! Step on it!"