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Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's Thursday again...

I'm going to post the second page of my first chapter today. I appreciate the feedback I'm getting but would love to hear some more. :)

Page 2
"What's wrong, Miss?" The old man asked in avid curiosity as he looked toward the baby lying in her arms. His speech was slow and it was obvious he was in no hurry.
           "Could you just take me to the hospital, please?" Stacy begged in a pleading voice.
           "Of course!" The old fellow answered as his gaze turned toward the road. He stepped on the gas pedal so hard that the car leapt forward, bawling tires as it flew down the street, leaving a streak of black rubber in its wake.
          The emergency flashers came on at a flick of the old man's fingers. "I'm so sorry about this." She began, but stopped when she heard a blessed noise coming from the child in her arms. "I can hear her breaths now!" She gasped in relief, not realizing in her shock that the man had no idea what she was talking about.
          "I was a veterinarian before I retired fifteen years ago." The man said inanely.
          "That's nice." Stacy said quietly as she busily rubbed her precious daughter's cheeks to bring color back into them. She had begun to whimper quietly and Stacy said a prayer of thanks to God under her breath.
          "You have to speak up, I can't hear you." The man said. He didn't seem the least bit surprised that some crazy woman had run out in front of his car and flagged him down, demanding to go to the hospital.
          "I'm sorry I ran out in front of you like that but my baby stopped breathing." She spoke the words overly loud so he could hear her.
          "That's okay. It was a little unexpected, but quite alright. What's wrong with your child?" He asked curiously.
         "I don't know. This has never happened before. I heard her scream out once, and then nothing. I ran to her room and she was limp and turning blue!"