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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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Chapter Twenty-Five ~

Scotty and Shepherd took off with the evil cohorts. They even stopped long enough to pick up the winded but still conscious third man, whom they didn't know. He had tears of breathlessness running down his pale face as Shepherd herded him into the car on top of the evil brothers. Maybe they could get some answers now...

Justy hopped into the back of the ambulance while Otis drove and Jude, Jackson, and the other EMT rode as patients. Amy and Lauren were crowded in the back too, making sure they were as comfortable as possible for their ride in the tightly-packed space.

The rest of the team was behind the ambulance. They couldn't be persuaded to go home when part of the group was hurt.

Justy had watched with interest as Lauren and the EMT, whose name was Justice Jones, had talked while she tried to get his vitals. She wasn't an EMT, but she'd passed a first aid course for the FBI job.

He seemed like a really nice guy, and when Lauren had asked him what he liked to do for fun he'd answered in a playful kind of way, even though he'd been drugged, "Whatever you like to do is somewhere high up on my list."

"I bet you say that to all the women you come into contact with after tangling with a serial killer," She'd volleyed back.

"Nope, just the ones I'm personally interested in," He'd returned.

"Wow, are you asking me out?" A huge smile had covered her pixie-like face and Justy had realized how pretty she was.

"Not yet, but I'm trying to work up my nerve. If I did, what would you say?" He’d seemed a little more reserved.

"I would say yes, as long as you don't invite any serial killers along for the ride," She’d answered cheekily as she’d checked his pulse.

"I don't feel so good," Justice said, right before he sat up and began retching. Lauren grabbed a barf bag out of one of the compartments and handed it to him.

Jude had dozed off, but now began to move his head back and forth and moan, and Justy prayed a quick prayer he wouldn't wake up fully until they could fill him full of some kind of pain-killer. She’d never seen such a bad break and seeing it on the man she loved was almost more than she could bear.

"I hope he doesn't wake-up," Jackson said from where he sat up against the corner of one of the beds.

"I do too,” Amy said as they maneuvered the last turn into the hospital. "Do you think they'll have to figure out what they drugged him with before they can treat his pain?"

"I hope not, I can scarcely bear to look at it. I don't know how he’s managing to feel it,” Justy said with a voice full of emotion as she rubbed his good arm in a loving gesture.

"Oh my arm, what happened?" Jude woke up, his voice full of pain. He tried to sit up, but screeched in torment, grabbing his arm.

"Your arm's been broken," Justy reminded him.

"Everything is all muddled-up in my head.”

"We're at the hospital now, buddy, try to relax until we get you in to see the doctor," Jackson said.

They pulled up under the awning in front of the emergency room and Amy hopped out first, quickly followed by Jackson.

Amy ran in to get an EMT and Jackson helped the EMT in the back to the ground, holding him steady as he jumped from the back.

A nurse came running out the emergency room door and they all made their way inside.


Chaos ruled as the group arrived in the emergency department.

“Have I told you yet that I love you, Justy?” Jude asked in a wobbling voice.

“It’s been so crazy I can’t remember.” She smiled down at him as he continued to wobble, even sitting in the wheelchair. “Are you okay? You’re still not sitting still.”

“I know. I’m trying to, but whatever he gave me must’ve been some strong stuff.”

“Maybe it’s because you’re in shock, too,” Justy suggested as she placed a kiss on his blonde head.

“Maybe, I love you, Justy Sanders. I apologize again for what I did to you in high school. I was a cad.” He gasped, and so did Justy as her heart threatened to gallop from her chest.

“I love you too, Jude.” She smiled. The horror of the last few days seemed so far away in the light of his love.

A nurse came to the door then and said, “Jude Johnson.”

Justy rolled the wheelchair toward the door, giving a reassuring smile to all her new friends. God was so good.