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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day Three and going strong...

    Annette ran for her life, the bear's breath hot on her bare legs. The ranger station was visible up ahead and a new burst of adrenalin enabled her to increase her speed and head for the green-painted door. It suddenly opened and she could see the welcoming shadow of Mason as he pushed it as wide as it would go. The terrifying roar of the mama bear behind her caused her to scream, "Help me, help me Mason!"
    Mason ran out the door and rushed toward the woman he loved just as the bear clamped down on her leg. She screamed in agony, "Ahhhhh...ahhhhhhhhrgggg!"
    "Annette, are you okay baby? Run honey, run!" He screamed as he frantically tried to free her imprisoned leg.
    The bear took this opportunity to bat at her head with a massive bear-clawed paw and Annette screamed in agony again. "Save me, Mason!" She implored, her huge green eyes full of pleading.
    Just then Johnson, one of the other rangers, walked around the tree and ordered, "Jezebel, down!"
    The huge bear stopped in mid-motion, turned and looked at the commanding voice behind her. She stood stock-still for a moment and then dropped back down to all fours. She turned her huge black head and looked at Annette one more time before ambling unhurriedly away into the woods.
    "What did you do Johnson?" Annette screeched at him in anger as she rubbed her aching head.
    "Ah, Annette, I was just teasing, man." He said in a careless tone.
    "I could've been killed!"
    "You weren't in any real danger, I came to your rescue when I saw that she was getting out-of-hand."

    Nah, just kidding, this isn't really part of my book. :) I hope you enjoyed it and stay-tuned tomorrow for the real meat of the matter...