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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's Wednesday already!!

Here's another nature picture that shows God's glory!!

The beauty that God created can take your breath!!

Page 8~

Her face was pale and her heartbeat was fluttering weirdly in her chest, not to mention her whole body was trembling with fear and anxiety, but she didn't want to tell him any of that, she wanted him to concentrate on the baby, not her.
           After a couple of minutes Tiffy Sue began to breathe easier, although she was still wheezing. The doctor felt it was time to ask some questions. "Has she been acting any differently lately?"
          "Not that I'm aware of, other than the fact that she slept a lot today."
          "Is that unusual for her?"
          "It's a little odd. She usually just takes one nap but today she took three." Regret filled her. "I should've realized something wasn't right."
          "Don't be so hard on yourself, Mrs. Masterson. Babies are always changing and sometimes it's hard to catch the little things. The important thing is that you got her to the hospital as soon as you could. It was crucial that she get oxygen immediately." Doctor Dooley told her.
          "What's going to happen now?" Stacy asked as she picked the baby up and squeezed her to her chest protectively. The oxygen mask was still over her tiny face but she was sleeping more peacefully now and Stacy needed to feel her warmth.
          "We'll admit her to the hospital for at least a couple of days to observe her and make sure she has significant improvement. Right now we've got a pulmonologist on the way and we're also going to do some chest x-rays after she gets a Neb treatment." He said. "I'll have to wait until after the pulmonologist comes in and I get back the results from her blood test and x-rays before I'll know more." He told her.
          "Is it too forward of me to ask what kind of doctor you are?" Stacy asked. "I mean, are you just a general practitioner?"