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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's already Wednesday, where has this week gone?

I'll be writing a few short stories to end out the week. Please feel free to leave comments as it will let me know whether my stories are liked or hated. I'll start by posting another picture. As you've probably already guessed, photography is a favored hobby. :)

This is a picture from one of our many roadtrips. Sometimes the simplicity of God's creation is just breath-taking!!

Mandy peeked down the staircase at the intruder as he moved silently around in her living room. The light in the kitchen glinted from the icicles swaying in the breeze. She caught her breath and turned to her older sister, "Will he hurt us, sissy?"
          "I don't think so, but we have to be quiet."
          They watched in silence as he moved around the room quietly, putting some things in one sack while pulling items out of another. Mandy just barely detected the slide of a shoe on the plastic rug mom used to keep muddy feet off her carpet.
          "Does mother know he's here?" Mandy asked. She couldn't stay quiet, it wasn't in her four year old nature.
          "I don't know. Maybe we should call the police!" Wilma answered, worried now. The man slung a huge sack over his shoulder and turned to walk out the front door.
          "We can't let him get away! He took the cookies!" Wilma whispered indignantly.
          "What are we gonna do?"
          "I'll show you!" Eight year old Wilma yelled suddenly as she popped up from the step where she'd been hiding and ran down, toward the startled man standing in her living room. She propelled all of her fifty pounds at the intruder, jumped on him and pulled the mask from his face.
          She looked on in stunned silence for a full minute, while he stared back.
          "Daddy! What are you doing? And why are you dressed like that?"
          A look came over his face that Wilma didn't understand in her eight year old wisdom.
          "I guess I have to tell you..." He began. He was cut-off by his wife, who'd run into the room when she'd heard the commotion.
          "Why aren't you girls in bed? It's after midnight!" She exclaimed.
          "We heard a noise!" Mandy said defensively.
          "Well you've spoiled it now!" Mom said in disappointment.
          "Spoiled what?" Both girls asked. They were still confused why their father had been dressed the way he was, stealing things from their living room.
          "You see girls, there really isn't a Santa Claus. Daddy and I buy your presents and put them under the tree after you go to sleep each Christmas Eve." She explained as gently as possible as she hugged them to her.
          "What?!" They both screamed in disbelief.