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Monday, September 3, 2012

...I'm Back!!!!!!!

Went camping and fishing this weekend and had a great time!!

Page 6~

"I still need to know why." The receptionist retorted stubbornly. Just then her phone beeped and she picked it up to read the text.
           Stacy felt she could've done serious harm to the callous woman if she'd been able to reach her through the glass enclosure and that's probably why they had it.
          Stacy saw a doctor enter the small office behind the receptionist and she asked quickly, "Sir, could you help me? My baby is having trouble breathing!" She pounded the glass furiously with one small hand to abbreviate each word.
          The doctor turned, took one look at the wheezing baby who was losing color again and popped a button on the wall beside him, motioning her through the double doors to the left of where she stood. Stacy turned and ran through the doors, right into a solid brick wall.
          "Oh! Sorry!" Stacy apologized. As she raised her head she saw that he was a stocky-built man. When she got to his eyes she gasped in surprise. The greenest eyes she'd ever seen were staring back at her with the same stunned expression she must be wearing. She vaguely noticed that he had reddish-blond hair. Tiffy Sue wheezed loudly again and Stacy side-stepped the man without another thought and ran to the waiting doctor behind him.
          The doctor grabbed the baby and ran to an examination room, calling a nurse as he went. She came running in the door behind him and expertly pulled down the oxygen. She hooked it to the baby's face while the doctor listened to her heart and lungs with a black and silver stethoscope. He asked Stacy, "Has this ever happened before?"
          Stacy said, "No! I don't know what happened. She woke me up with a scream and then went silent. When I got to her room she was already turning blue!" Stacy said, almost hysterical.