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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The next chapter is here!!

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 ~Chapter Twenty-Six ~

Harry sat on the edge of the hard cot, his mind moving a million miles an hour. He had to get out. It was his number one priority. Number two was getting Arianna back.

He pushed a hand through disheveled hair, wishing for the mask he’d used to disguise himself from Arianna. Had it only been days since she’d been gone? It seemed like years. His eyes began to burn and he rubbed one with an impatient finger.

“Stop yer blubbering, you blathering fool. You let her go. This is all your fault. What were you thinking; Bringing in another girl? Arianna is a woman. How did you think that news was gonna go over? And did you honestly think about offing her? We love her, you idiot.”

His hand swiped through greasy hair once more. “Shut up, Adam. Your whining isn’t helping this situation.”

The figure hunched over on the bed twitched and twisted with the inner battle going on in his mind. Anyone watching would’ve thought he was crazy; And indeed he was. At least by the world’s standards.

Adam pulled an arm up and punched Harry in the face. “Shut-up, right now. I’ve had about all I’m gonna take of yer mouth-spoutin’, and I mean it.”

Harry reached up and punched Adam in the face. “No, you shut-up. I’ve had years and years of your bossy ways, and it stops right now.” He continued punching Adam, glorying when blood spurted and ran down his mouth and over his chin.

Harry’s cellmate watched the display, his face contorting into a mask of horror and disbelief.

When Harry noticed his fascinated audience, he stopped punching Adam and faced him. “What are you staring at you sniveling little idiot? Can’t you see this is a private moment?”

“Y…yes….s…so…sorry, sir.” The cellmate turned over on his bed and rolled into a fetal position.

Harry threw his head back and laughed. “That’s what I thought. You better turn over and mind your own business.”

With the cellmate turned over, he went back to the task at hand. “Now, where was I?” He rubbed thoughtful fingers across his chin, stopping in surprise when he felt wetness. “Well, what in the world?” He rushed over to the scratched piece of plastic that was the mirror and stared into it. Blood covered his face. He screamed. And screamed, and screamed.

The next few minutes flew by in a blur. He was aware people came running to his cell, of being moved, and then a doctor, and maybe a nurse, standing over him.

“Harry, can you hear me? You need to stop fighting the drug and let it calm you.”

“No, I don’t want it! I don’t want it!” He screamed even louder.

The doctor laughed as the gurney Harry had been placed on began to roll down the hallway.

 Adam came out. “Shut your mouth, you pig,” He yelled, and punched the doctor right in the mouth.

The doctor disappeared out of sight and Harry breathed a sigh of relief. Alone at last. His eyes drifted shut, and he was out.

When he awoke some time later, he was disoriented. Where was he? What was going on?

He tried to sit up, but his hands were restrained. Panic set in and he began struggling.

A voice out of his sight said, “Stop struggling, Harry. It won’t do any good, only harm. The cuffs will cut your wrists.”

The voice was pleasant, and he pictured a field of Sunflowers blowing in the breeze. He shook his head to get the fruity picture out of his mind. “What’s going on?” He raised his head up as far as he could move it, and just barely spied a blondish-gray head sitting at the foot of his bed. “Why am I tied up? What are you going to do to me?” His voice rose, half-hysterical.

“Calm down, Harry, or we’ll have to dose you up again.”

“What did you give me, anyway?”

A soft chuckle.

“Just something to make you calm. Are you calm?”

Harry thought for a moment. He didn’t feel calm, but if he said no, they’d give him more and he’d be out again. He didn’t want that. “Uh…yeah. I’m calm,” he lied. His mind was spinning like a twisted top. He could use this situation to gain his freedom.

As soon as the thought popped into his head, he stopped fighting. He needed to get out of here. So he needed to think. He took a deep, calming breath, and smiled. “Yes, I’m calm.”

“Good, good. Now, let’s get started.”

“What do you mean, “get started?” Paranoia raced through his veins.

“I’m going to ask you some questions, and you’re going to answer them.”

The voice was still pleasant, but matter-of-fact.

“Oh, is that right?” He challenged.


“That’s more like it. This will go a lot better if you don’t try to hide things from me.”

“Wh…what do you mean?”

“It means when I ask a question, you answer it truthfully. I don’t want a load of bull so thick I have to scrape it off with a snow shovel.”

The answer made him snicker. He licked this doctor. “What’s your name?”

“Dr. Ashwall, Harry, but you can call me Wanda.”

Harry gave an inward snicker. Could it really be this easy? All he had to do was play nice with the doctor and she’d probably let him loose herself. He laughed, and began to talk; “Okay, Wanda. What do you want to ask?”

“For starters, how many of you are there?”

The question couldn’t have stunned him more if it’d been full of electricity. Hwe decided  to play dumb. “What do you mean?”

The voice became angry now. “Don’t play me, Harry, or you’ll never get out of here.”

This was great news; Just great. “If I tell you what you want to know, you’ll let me go?”

There was a long pause, as if the doctor was thinking, and then, “Yes.”