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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Praying for the families of those killed at the embassy :(

  It takes every effort I can muster to keep my mouth shut about the politics of this country. I pray for the ability to keep my opinions to myself, and that's a very hard feat to accomplish.

Here is another one of my favorite photos. I hope it puts a few smiles on a few faces and makes us forget for a moment what a mess our country is in.

          She ran as fast as she could, the wind on her face and the rain prickling her like thousands of tiny little needles. The men behind her were gaining fast and she used her last bit of strength to pull even further ahead. She could just make out the man at the head of the trail. She ran toward him, praying she would make it in time. She could see his mouth moving and his arms flailing as he urged her on to where he stood.
          "I'm coming!" She screamed. The push of her lungs to expel the words somehow gave her another boost and she rushed forward again. There was no way the men behind her would catch her now! She smiled, knowing she was safe as she raced over the last obstacle and passed the man who held a whistle in his lips; the leader of her platoon!

          Sorry this is so short today, I have plans and will be leaving soon! Until tomorrow, God Bless!!

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