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Monday, September 17, 2012

It was a long weekend...

I had a great time and got some great pictures. Camping is over for the year though, it's way too cold!!


           Waylon walked quickly. It was imperative that he get the attention of those inside the camp. Beside him, Jenny was quiet, her breath coming in ragged gasps. He half-carried, half-dragged her mostly limp body. She needed water and so did he. He could hear the crashing of the brush behind them and the gutteral noises of what chased them. He wouldn't stop at the camp because he didn't want to lead the wild animal to harm anyone else.
          "I see someone!" Came the loud warning.
          "Who is it?" A woman's voice asked.
          "I don't know, they don't look familiar!" The man shouted.
          Waylon saw the glint of a gun just before he heard the whiz of a something as it passed beside his head in a flash of color. It missed him!         
         "Don't shoot! We aren't here to harm you, we're running from a bear!" Waylon yelled desparately. "It got my sister!"
         "You're kidding!" The woman screamed at him. "Bring her here, I'm a doctor!"
         "No! The bear will just get you too!" Waylon screeched. His sister was getting heavier and heavier. He was mostly dragging her now.
          "You poor children! Come here!" The voice sounded familiar. Was it...?
          "Mama!" Was Melissa's reply.
          Waylon crashed through the brush with the creature right on his heels. He could almost feel its breath on the back of his neck.
         He put his sister down beside the fire and turned just as the wild animal was upon him. He pulled out his gun and blasted it in the chest.
          "Okay Jack, it's over, I beat you!" Waylon said. Neon green paint dripped down the plastic suit protecting the rest of the bear costume as his brother looked on in dismay.
          "No fair! You do this every time!" His younger brother Jack whined as he pulled the bear head from his shoulders.
          Waylon looked up the trail. He could just barely see the porch lights from the house. This was such a fun game! He couldn't wait until it was his turn to be the bear! He looked over and smiled at Melissa as she sipped hot cocoa and talked to their parents.
          "It's still no fair..." Jack said as he joined his sister for a nice hot drink in the comfort of the family's huge back yard.

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