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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Chapter Thirty-Five ~ Broken dreams...

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I know I've posted these before but they're some favorites and I'm really missing the mountains right now.


~ Chapter Thirty-Five ~

“Justin, where is that small blue bag we picked up at the deli?” Arianna asked.

He shrugged, his attention on the baby in his arms. “Haven’t seen it.”

“Hm. Well, I’m going to check the car.”

Another shrug. “Okay.”

Arianna went out the front door, the blackness of the night causing her feet to hesitate on the sidewalk. She whispered, “I should’ve turned the porch light on.”

Unease settled around her like a cloak, but she pushed through it. Stop being a baby. There’s nothing out here.

She reached the car and sighed with relief. Shaking her head in self-ridicule, she pulled up on the handle, but it resisted. Locked.

“Why didn’t I bring the keys,” she mumbled, turning back toward the front door of the apartment.

A figure jumped in front of her, blocking her way.

Arianna jumped back, hitting the car so hard breath whooshed from her lungs. She looked up, trying to identify who was in front of her. When her eyes met his, she slumped to the side. Terror rushed through her so thick her body popped goose bumps from head to toe. ‘The Monster.’

His fingers grabbed her chin and jerked her gaze back to his.

Head cricking to the side, he sneered. “You didn’t think you’d escape me that easy, did you?”


The Monster cackled. “It wasn’t easy, but when you’re determined, you’d be surprised what you can accomplish.

His hand came up, and he slapped a piece of duct tape over her mouth. “Where is my child?”

Even through her fear, his voice didn’t sound quite right, but fear stole her ability to examine the reason.

He dragged her across the parking lot, back into the darkest corner where an old Ford truck waited, motor running.

Lifting her up as if she were a weightless ragdoll, he threw her into the cab of the truck.

Her head struck the dash board, bounced a few times, and she fell into the floorboard on the passenger side.


 ‘The Monster’ hopped into the drivers’ side and slammed the door.

Arianna lay in a tangled heap, one leg over the front edge of the seat, and an arm at an odd angle covering the glove compartment. She moaned incessantly.

He reached over and cuffed her on the head, eliciting a screech.

“Shut-up before I give you something to scream about. You’ve been a bad girl.”


His words garnered terror within. He’d only said those words to her once before.

He hit the gas and the truck jumped forward, Arianna’s head bouncing like a ping pong ball against the dashboard.

Tears streamed down her cheeks leaving cold tracks of dread in their wake.

Images crowded inside her head, trying to blossom into full blown memories, but she fought to suppress them. No, it couldn’t happen again. He’d promised it would never happen again. Said it wasn’t him that did it, but someone named Adam.

It’s when she’d realized just how crazy and maniacal he really was.


Too soon, the truck stopped.

It was still pitch black outside, and being pinned up against the dashboard the way she was, she couldn’t look around. She was sure he hadn’t taken her back to his house in the city. He wasn’t that stupid.

‘The Monster’ cackled as he opened his door and stepped to the ground.

Arianna’s heart sped up as his footsteps neared her side of the truck.

When the door opened and he grabbed her sore arm, she screeched in pain.

He pulled her out anyway.

“No. Please, don’t.”

More laughter. He tossed her over his shoulder and walked through tall grass to an old farmhouse.

At the door, he fumbled for a minute with his keys, then shoved one into the old-fashioned lock. “We’re going to get reacquainted, little Missy.”

He pushed the door open and swatted her on the behind. Hard.

“Tears of shock from the stinging pain welled up in her eyes, but didn’t fall.”

He walked her down the steps of a basement off the old kitchen and dumped her up against a cool cement wall.

She looked around, dread filling her.

He whistled as he picked up each arm and shackled it to the wall.

She prayed, “Dear Lord, Your will be done. Your will be done, Your will be done…”

On the fourth round, he bashed her in the face with his fist, and everything went dark.

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