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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Edition 2014

 It's been a really...different kind of year for me. There've been ups and downs and all arounds. But the one thing I can say, and will shout from the rooftops if I must: I am thankful for the God who created me, sustains me, and who saved my black, retched soul and infused it with the light of His love. :)
  Anybody who knows me knows how I am; Private to a fault, never really letting anyone see who I am. I protect that personal side of me with a jealousy and fear I cannot escape.
    What a lot of people don't know or understand is that artistic people leak out into their art, whether it be drawing, painting, singing, dancing, writing, or even photography.
    I love to write, and because I'm going through an emotionally rough time right now, I'm having difficulty putting words on the screen of my current work for fear too much of me will appear. So I've chosen a few pictures I think identify me. Honestly not because I want everyone to know who I am, but because my 'box' is full and I need to empty out a few facets in order that more can be added. (And I can get back to my book.)


What happened to the single rose above ended up wrapping my whole year around it's beautiful petals. But as with all things removed from the vine, it shriveled and died. Mayhap, before I was ready to let it go, but it was out of my hands, and then this took over:

                        But finally, God had mercy on my suffering and sent this: He is so good!!

   Anyway, I've had a very eclectic life, if that's a proper description. I've been as poor as they come, and I've had everything I've ever wanted. I've been bored to tears at times, and so busy I don't have time to take a breath of fresh air at others. I've experienced love, joy and even indifference, but the emotion ruling me this year has been sorrow. A marriage I thought would see me to my death was ended, and I'm back in a physical place I never desired to be again. But it was here where my armor was cracked. Yes, I've glued it back together, but who I was isn't who I am at this time. I go on with day to day life, but one  thing is always there in the back of my mind, and more than I'd like, it takes precedence, but I'm a work in progress, after all.
    Now, it might still rain, but I know God is always there beside me turning my sorrow into a joy others can't understand. He is my rock and my Savior.
    I will continue on my road of life until God sees fit to take me from it and move me to the eternal life all of us should be seeking to experience.
    As you enjoy a happy holiday with family members and eat wonderful food made with love and joy, remember who gives you every breath you breathe, and thank HIM for what you have. :)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!   ~ Misty ~

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