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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Going to Church today!!

                                             This is what we're going to be seeing soon...

Page 12 ~

"I guess it can be. We're an independent Baptist Church because we don't answer to any corporate headquarters. We are our own Church and we only answer to each other."
           "That's how it should be." She agreed.
           "I guess I should have said that we answer to God first, and then each other." He chuckled at his mistake.
          Stacy returned his laughter with a chuckle of her own. She hadn't been this at ease with anyone since Christopher had been killed in the line of duty. Suddenly a sliver of guilt ran through her. He hadn't even been gone two years yet. No matter that he'd almost ruined her life...
          Isaiah immediately noticed the change that came over the young lady. He felt awkward now and said, "Well, I have to be on my way. I was here ministering to Widow Barnes. She's a member of the congregation. She just had a hip replacement and she needed to see me. It was nice to meet you. I'll pray for your daughter."
         "Thank you, it was nice to meet you, too." She said to the already retreating back of Pastor Isaiah Cobb.
         Stacy sighed with a sense of loss she didn't understand. The stranger had filled her room and dispelled the loneliness that had plagued her ever since Chris had been gone. Tears of self-pity filled her eyes and she angrily wiped them away. Her daughter was sick and here she was feeling sorry for herself!

                                     This is the scene I fell in love with after coming to Utah!!

This is the end of the first chapter...again. If I don't get responses I'll just begin to post some more short stories starting tomorrow. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to give the Lord the glory He deserves!!

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