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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another exciting day!!

Simply breath-taking!!

Page 11~

"I guess you're probably wondering why some strange man was able to just walk into your room, aren't you?" There was a rueful grin plastered on his slightly freckled face.
           He had a short, trimmed mustache and a smile that could outdo the sunshine. Stacy chastised herself for that thought as soon as it formulated. "I actually am.". She let the confusion show on her pretty, heart-shaped face.
          "I'm the pastor at High Point Independent Baptist Church in River's Bend."
          Stacy was surprised. "That's awesome."
          He laughed a little self-consciously. "You sound so pleased..."
          She didn't reply but said instead, "I've never met a real pastor before. I mean, there's obviously one at my church but there are so many of us that he couldn't possibly form a personal relationship with everyone."
         He chuckled in amusement. "We have about a hundred people in our congregation."
         "It would be awesome to be part of a congregation like that. I've always wanted a closer relationship to the pastor." She returned wistfully. "It would be great to be able to ask a question and actually get an answer."
          "Yeah, if there's a downfall to a huge congregation it's that there's never any real closeness. I prefer my small gathering. I know every single person and I interact with them all."
          "That must be nice, I'm happy for you." She said awkwardly. She'd come off sounding rude and unappreciative.
         "What denomination are you?" He persisted.
         "We're non-denominational. I don't agree with the idea of splitting up into so many different denominations, I think it's divisive." She said bluntly.

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