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Monday, December 23, 2013

Special Christmas message...

How wonderful God is...



                                    Christmas 2013
It’s Christmas time again and I just want to say a few things that have been on my mind lately: So many people have turned the most important day of our year into a materialistic extravaganza that looks more like a circus than the celebration of our Lord’s birth. How did it get to this? Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t like it though.
As I sit here I am contemplating every circumstance, every happening, and every thought in the mind of God He must’ve been thinking that led to the monumental moment when our Lord and Savior was born. God is such an awesome God, and I hate the fact most people don’t know it. Most people don’t care. They go around living their lives like they have all the time in the world. The truth is though, they don’t. No one is promised a next year, a next week, a tomorrow, or even a next breath. Yet millions of people disrespect God by either blaspheming His name, or ignoring He exists.
I can’t imagine how He must feel by this rejection. As a mother, I’ve known rejection by my children. As a past wife, I’ve known the rejection of a husband. As a sister, I’ve known the rejection of my siblings. As a daughter, I’ve known the rejection of my mother and my father. As a friend, I’ve known the rejection of my friends. At the time of these many snubs and rejections, I was hurt. But I built a wall. And another. And another. If I don’t let anyone in, there is no chance of further rejection. As a human, it is my only defense.
Then I think about God and how He must feel. I know by the Word of God that He doesn’t build mental walls to keep us out. He is long-suffering and full of love and compassion, and I am so glad because He saved me.
Looking from my perspective, it’s hard to imagine anyone denying God. How could they? He gives us the very breath we breathe. The very voice most blaspheme him with. Yet most feel no remorse. I believe this is the parents’ fault. We are supposed to bring our children up in the way they should go, or in other words, teach them about God so they grow up with a love and respect for Him. With morals and values. With love and compassion for one another.
The truth is: Most people don’t do this anymore. We are so set on giving our children what we never had. What they want. What they demand. But it’s wrong. Where did we get the idea we were supposed to do this? I don’t know.
How many children out there know what the Christmas holiday is all about? Most likely very few. We need to change this. We can’t change government. We can’t change society. We aren’t supposed to. We aren’t called to do that. We are called to witness to the lost, teach our children, and stand up for our beliefs, even if it gets us killed. But we don’t.
The worst thing about that fact is: we could. In this country, even though it’s fading fast, we still have the ability to speak the truth. There are other countries out there where people die for their belief in God every day. I wonder how many people here in the U.S. would be willing to do that. I have a feeling we’re gonna find out pretty soon. This whole fiasco with the ‘Duck Dynasty’ thing shows us that.
How soon is it going to be before every word we speak is twisted to fit an agenda, or changed completely to condemn us as hate-mongers? I’m guessing not long at all. Phil Robertson’s words were used against him. Or at least, part of them. His words that said he had hate for no one were ignored as if he never said them. Beware; It’s coming to a state near you.
The thing that perplexes me the most is that a group of people say those who say anything against them are encroaching on their rights to free speech; free expression, that they are full of hate and spreading hate. My problem with this is that in disallowing someone to give their opinion, they are encroaching on their freedom to do the same. When did it become okay in this country to squash one people group at the behest of another?
They say we hate, but it isn’t true. Are there haters out there? Yes, but not us. Are there haters out there pretending to be us? Yes. Why can’t they see the difference? Because they haven’t read the Bible. Hence, they don’t realize Christmas is a time to glorify God for sending His Son to us. To die on a cross for our sins.
You see, a true Christian doesn’t hate anyone; doesn’t ostracize anyone. How can you witness to those you alienate? We weren’t called to judge unbelievers. God has already said what He meant to say on the subject. We are to witness to them. In order to witness to an unbeliever, any unbeliever, you have to tell them the truth. Most people don’t want to hear the truth because it rubs them raw and leaves them scraped open and bleeding, needing something to cure them of their wounds. They would rather have someone tell them a lie so they can feel good about themselves. But the fact is, if we don’t tell them, how are they going to know the true state of their soul?
Would you quietly tell a child who runs out in the street in front of a car that he/she is in danger of being hit, or would you scream it as loud as you could so the child would know they are in danger and react, and possibly be saved from death?
I’ve heard it said that the person who tells you the most truth loves you the most. Being a logical kind of person, I agree with this. It isn’t loving to let a child run out in the street and say nothing about the danger that lies ahead, or to say it quietly, so as not to scare them. Or annoy them. Or make them angry. Or upset them in any way. It is of the utmost hate to know a truth and sit back on your haunches, keeping that truth to yourself. The good news isn’t good news if you keep it to yourself.
As Christians, it is our duty to teach our children what Christmas is. Who Jesus is. What He expects of us. What is in store for us. So why do we sit back on our haunches, keeping that news to ourselves? Because we’re afraid to say anything for fear of being made fun of, or having to hear someone spew hate at us, or even send us to jail. But HE DIED FOR US. How can we let that slide? How can we claim to be Christians, lovers of Christ, yet ignore His clear command to witness to the lost?
Jesus is the reason for the season. It isn’t a ‘holiday tree.’ It’s a Christmas tree! It isn’t ‘happy holidays.’ It’s ‘Merry Christmas!’
Christians have stood back like spineless puppets, letting the world take away every right we have to fulfill the commands given to us by Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Every right our soldiers fought hard for us to have. We don’t even value our soldiers anymore. They risk their lives to protect us, yet we shove them to the side like they don’t matter. What kind of people does this? Oh wait, worldly ones…
Last but not least, the Christmas holiday is celebrated in honor of Jesus’ birth. Why do those of the world continue to celebrate it if they say they don’t believe in Him? (Because we give gifts to each other, making it about materialism and sin, not Him. That’s why.)
God has already given the most important gift of all; salvation.
I intend to continue my tradition of reading the story of Jesus’ birth to my children on Christmas day. I intend to talk of Jesus and what He did for us every day, as long as I have a voice to talk or fingers to write or type. If my children have rejected Him, or will reject Him, it won’t be on me. They know, and will know, the truth. How about yours? Do they know the truth of the Christmas story? If not, why not start a tradition this Christmas? Read them the story. Tell them of God Almighty. Tell them of Jesus’ birth. Tell them of His sacrifice. Tell them of salvation. Tell them of hell. Give them the bones of their belief, not bones of contention.
You will find the Christmas TRUTH in Luke chapter two and Matthew chapter one verse eighteen through Matthew chapter two verse twenty-three.
                Merry Christmas!

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