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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall is almost here!!

                                                                Simply beautiful!!

Page 9
          "I'm a pediatrician. I've been practicing for over twenty years." He smiled easily at her discomfited question. He pegged her as a first-time mother. They were always the most upset by late-night emergency room visits.
          "That makes me feel much better." She retorted.
          Just then a couple of respiratory therapists came to give Tiffy Sue a breathing treatment. A few minutes after they finished the x-ray technicians came in to take Tiffany down to get her x-rays. Stacy refused to let her go alone. There was no way she was going to lose sight of her daughter in this huge hospital. "I'll go with her."
          "It's perfectly okay for you to go ma'am, but when we do the actual x-ray you'll have to step out of the room." He informed her firmly.
          "That's fine but she isn't leaving this room without me." She returned just as firmly.
          The other technician laughed. He was also used to late-night visits from sick children with distraught mothers.
          They headed down to radiology. Stacy was nervous but hopeful that the x-rays would come back in a positive light.
          When they returned from x-ray there was a questionnaire lying on the metal table beside the bed. She picked it up and looked at it. There were all kinds of prying questions on it like 'do you ever give your baby alcohol? Tobacco? etc. She harrumphed and began to fill it out.
         While she waited on the results from the x-rays and blood tests she prayed silently to God to heal her baby and not to let her have some kind of deadly disease that would cause her to lose her precious child.
         Since Tiffy Sue was asleep Stacy laid her head up against the wall and dozed-off. A soft shuffling noise woke her and when she opened her hazel eyes she was face to chest with the same man she'd plowed into on her way through the ER door.
        She cleared her throat. "I'm sorry that I ran into you a little bit ago." In her present state of tiredness it didn't occur to her that he shouldn't be in her room.
        "Its fine, I know the circumstances were the cause." He accepted. "Is your baby going to be okay?"
        "I hope so. I think she may have had an asthma attack. I'm not sure why she would just start having them now though." It was odd that she was even speaking to this stranger because it wasn't her habit to talk to people she didn't know, but his voice sounded so familiar and safe to her...
         "That's too bad. Where do you live?"
         "I've got a house up on 23rd and Shields." She'd practically given the guy her address and oddly enough , she still wasn't worried.
         He stuck out his hand and said, "I'm Isaiah Cobb."
         Stacy took his offered hand and shook it firmly. It was warm and dry. She didn't feel the least bit put-off by his touch like she did with most men. "I'm Stacy Masterson, pleased to meet you."
         "I'm pleased to meet you, too. I'm from down River's Bend way." He told her.
         Stacy's eyes widened slightly. Her mother lived in River's Bend! She'd been trying to get her to move there ever since Chris had been killed.  She was finally beginning to wonder why this man was in her room and why the hospital had allowed it. She knew there was a security guard on duty. She'd seen him making his rounds several times since arriving.

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  1. Since no one will comment, I'll do it myself!! :) Why Misty, what an awesome job you're doing! keep up the good work! Would love to see more short stories from you in the future...(As Misty clicks the page away and goes about her business...)