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Monday, August 27, 2012

Another day of silence...

It's going to take me awhile to get used to not teaching the kids. I homeschooled for three years. They decided they wanted to go back to school. :( The most important thing is that I taught them about God. No one can take that away from them, though they may chose to forsake Him. Oh, the woes of being a mother...

    Jackie panted as she imagined pulling herself up the steep incline. Timothy had pushed her over the edge for the last time!
    "Tim, help me!" She begged as the strength waned from her tired arms.
    "Come on, push!" He said ruthlessly.
    "Why are you doing this?" She whined back.
    "I'm not doing it, you have no choice!"
    "When will this be over?" She asked in a weak voice. She strained to see the mountains above her, imagining overcoming and standing on top with her arms spread-out.
    "It shouldn't be much longer, you just have to keep on climbing!" He urged. His voice didn't sound ruthless now, just determined.
    "I like how you can sound so sure when it isn't you striving to climb this mountain!" She screamed loudly as she grunted and pushed herself up another steep incline. Her teeth were gritted and sweat beaded about her mouth and popped-out on her forehead.
    "The reward will be so worth it, Jackie, keep focused!" He ordered.
    She squeezed his hand and gritted her teeth once more. "Erg...!" She pushed up the last steep incline. She screamed in torturous pain, pulled Tim's arm toward her and pushed again, with all her might.
    "Waaaaaaahhhhhhh!" Came a foreign cry.
    "You did it!" Tim yelled triumphantly as he returned his wife's squeeze. "Julie's here!"
    Jackie panted tiredly, glad the ordeal was over. "Let me see her." She said quietly as she raised her tired and trembling arms to accept her newborn daughter. As she took the baby she glanced up one more time at the picture on the wall. She briefly imagined herself standing on top with her arms widespread. She moved her gaze lovingly to the tiny bundle in her arms. "I did it."

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